Formation Costs & Required Information
Initial Formation Fee

           For a standard Foundation, with an initial declared capital (this does not have to be paid into the Foundation) not exceeding US$ 10,000.00, our fee to you or your firm for formation and registration of a Panamanian Private Foundation is US$ 1,000.00. This amount includes:

1.     Our legal fees for the formation & registration of the Foundation.  

2.     Notary and other sundry expenses such as phone, fax, courier, copies, registered translations, etc.

3.     US$ 3000.00 initial Foundation registration fee (one time only).

4.     US$ 150.00 Foundation resident agent fee for the first year, as of the date of registration (annual fee).

5.     US$ 300.00 annual Foundation franchise fee for the first year, as of the date of registration (annual fee).

6.     Provision of nominee Council directors and officers for the first year from the date of registration, if requested.

          This US$ 1,000.00 fee is complete and includes everything necessary to form, file, register and put into operations a fully functional, operational Foundation.   Turn around time is normally five to seven working days from our receipt of all required information, original signatures, and certified check or wire transfer.

          Additionally, and at no additional charge to you or your firm, we can provide examples of internal Regulations, which you can then tailor to suit your client’s needs.   Finally, we can provide you or your firm with points of contact of several reputable international banks operating in Panama, if you or your clients wish to open up offshore bank accounts in Panama.

          Normally, our clients (attorneys and law firms) provide value added services to their clients by advising them on the specific provisions of the internal regulations best suited to their client’s particular needs, etc.   As such, Panamanian Private Foundation formation is normally billed to the end client at US$ 2,500.00 to US$ 5,000.00 per Foundation.      

          We are a reputable law firm and do not offer financial or fiduciary services, and we strongly suggest that your clients (or trusted fiduciaries) manage their own money.   We limit our legal interest to formation, filing and registration of Foundations, and subsequently to act as resident agents on behalf of the Foundations.

Annual Foundation Fees

Annually, a Panamanian Foundation must pay the following fees to remain in good standing with the Panamanian Government:

·         Annual Franchise Tax:       US$ 300.00

·         Resident Agent fees:          US$ 150.00

·         Nominee Foundation Council US$ 300.00*

* (US$ 100 per each Council member if they are provided by us)  

          As Resident Agent in Panama, we will prepare and file all required annual reports and transfer annual franchise tax payments to the Government of Panama.   Government stamped copies of filings and franchise tax payments will be sent to your firm.

*                            *                            *                            *

            Following , you will find a form to be filled out for initial filing and registration of a Foundation, along with a list of additional documents required.   Should you have any questions, or need further information, feel free to contact us at our office.  

    To open a Panamanian Personal Foundation, click on the Foundations form page.  Then, just print it out, fill it out, sign it, and fax it along with copies of other required documentation (passports, etc.) to our office.




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